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Avascriptions Verified Badge

Avascriptions is dedicated to fostering a healthy and vibrant trading environment within the ASC-20 ecosystem. To recognize the achievements and contributions of specific inscriptions in trading, we have implemented the Avascriptions Marketplace Verified Badge System. This system awards different levels of badges to inscriptions based on their trading volume, symbolizing their contribution to the ASC-20 ecosystem. The following table outlines the various ASC-20 ecosystem contributors and their corresponding badges:

TitleBadgeTrading Volume (AVAX)

ASC20 Eco-Builder

Blue Badge


ASC20 Eco-Pioneer

Gold Badge


ASC20 Eco-Navigator

Red Badge


ASC20 Eco-Legend

Legendary Badge


This tiered badge system not only acknowledges the milestones in inscription trading but also aims to encourage the active development of more inscriptions within the ASC-20 ecosystem, helping to create a more active and dynamic ASC-20 trading environment.

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