Get ASC-20 Records By TxId

Get ASC-20 records by transaction id.


Query Parameters

    "status": 200,
    "data": [
            "id": 1131,
            "tick": "avav",
            "operation": "transfer",
            "from": "0xaaaaa6972e56c3c12345caaaaaabaaaaa9999999",
            "to": "0xbaaaa6972e56c3c12345caaaaaabaaaaa9999910",
            "amount": "69696969",
            "valid": 1,
            "block": "28752030",
            "hash": "0xe73bd4c4ccc8bd86cbe361ff05815d077a97d7f7bcfd4f46bd46ccc20d225811",
            "timestamp": 1703218684

Please make sure that records's valid is 1, if it is -1 it means that the operation is not successful, it may be that the balance is not enough or other parameters are wrong.

Because some operation events (e.g., transfers) are emited by contracts, there may be multiple ASC20 records within the same transaction.

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